Spanish 3 Course with Focus in History, Culture, Media and Communication

Learn beyond skills and concepts but through culture, history, and communication projects!

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2021-2022 Interactive section

Thursday 1:30-2:45 p.m. EST (Classes start September 9th)

Spanish 3 With Focus in Communication, Culture and History:

What’s Inside

Six Modules spread over 38 weeks

Complete curriculum: Live classes, vocabulary, grammar video lessons, guided practices, tests, and grading, cultural.

NEW!! This coming year, I will be adding movies, documentaries, podcasts, and music to learn the topics and explore the different aspects of the culture.

Module 1: My World

Learning outcomes: Students use Spanish 1, 2 to review vocabulary and grammar to talk about their world to others. Students will review irregular present tense, stem-changing verbs, make comparisons, and more. Students not only communicate and share about them but also interact with other students and teachers in written and speaking form.

Module 2: Outdoor Activities and More Traveling

Learning outcomes: Students discuss chores, activities some traveling experience using past tense preterit and imperfect. Students interact with other students and teacher about their past experiences using written and speaking forms. They are introduced to Hispanic literature.

Module 3: Community Work and the Media

Learning outcomes: Students learn how to discuss their community, type of jobs, and the role and influence of media in their community and society. They use command tenses other tenses to discuss those topics. In addition, in addition, read more simple pieces of literature and everyday media.

Module 4: Environment, the Future, and technology

Learning outcomes: Students know how to discuss issues related to the environment and technology. They use tenses like future, conditional, and subjunctive to express opinions about today's relevant issues using written and speaking forms of communication. In addition, read more simple pieces of literature and everyday media.

Module 5: Health and Nutrition

Learning outcomes: Students know how to communicate about food the importance of maintaining good health and how to practice a healthy lifestyle. They keep using subjunctive and master perfect tense.

Module 6: Relationships, friends, and culture

Learning outcomes: Students know how to communicate about how to relate with others and how to maintain friendships. In addition, students will explore more about the Hispanic culture, traditions, and influence. Students master subjunctive and conditional tenses. They read authentic Spanish material and use everyday media to gain proficiency.

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Course and Classes start September 9th to May 19th

Live Classes: Thursdays 1:30-2:45 p.m. EST

"I really liked writing and speaking. It was helpful to use everything we learned. The oral presentations give a student the opportunity to be more creative with Spanish!"

- Elizabeth, Spanish 3 Student

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How your child will benefit from this course:

  • Open up new opportunities for your child’s future career and lifestyle.
  • Continue understanding and applying how the parts of Spanish work and become more Spanish proficient.
  • Build confidence in small, manageable daily steps to master more vocabulary, complex tenses and grammar concepts using authentic Spanish material and course material.
  • Keep developing real-world conversational and writing Spanish skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Keep gaining understanding of the Hispanic culture.

What you get:

  • No need to worry about curriculum, assessment or teaching.
  • Meets the language requirements for a high school diploma and it will prepare your child for further advanced options such a college or traveling.
  • Support from a fully certified and experienced, native-speaking Spanish language teacher.
  • Curated content to deliver the full curriculum without the overwhelm.
  • Strategic learning workshops to help students develop their vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.

How to join

Step 1- Click the button below, which will take you to a page to fill out your name and email address and choose a new password for your child's access to the program.

Step 2- You’ll move on to fill out your credit card details

Step 3- After you enter your payment details, you’ll receive a confirmation and welcome email from me explaining first steps for your child to take in preparation for the program , which begins with an orientation week.

Find peace of mind knowing that your child is progressing towards mastery one step at a time, with guidance and support from a certified Spanish teaching specialist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much work and time my son or daughter has to put into the course weekly?
I recommend students should block at least 6-7 hours per week.
Does this course meets credit requirements for a high school diploma?
Yes. the curriculum standards meet states requirements. My courses prepare students who want to pursue Spanish courses at a college level.
If my teen did not take Spanish 2 with you can he or she take your Spanish 3 course?
Yes. However, I will need to do a general Spanish 2 evaluation to recommend areas of improvement if necessary. Students are expected to master the present, past tense. and commands. However, module 1 and 2 will focus on reviewing Spanish 1 and 2 skills. Remember, Spanish builds from previous skills. All Spanish 1-2 skills will be used again throughout Spanish 3.
What other material my student needs?
I ask parents to buy a used textbook so students can use it a reference. My students find having a textbook useful. (Avancemos 3, McDougal Littell) I require students to buy a workbook for extra grammar practice and reading exercises. Avancemos! Spanish 3 Cuaderno pratica por niveles. I provided with the module guided practices and extra activities for each week.
How do my teen will practice speaking Spanish during the week?
I use technology and learning tools for practices. One of them is Voxer, here is the link for more information Another one is Voicethread. Students will be trained at the beginning of the school year to show them how to use them.
How long the live classes last?
8:30-10:00 am EST All students are asked to participate and practice speaking regardless of their skills level.
How are the quarterly written and spoken evaluations done?
The student is given a real authentic written and oral prompt to work on it with teacher guidance and support. With the use of technology, the student will complete the response and will be evaluated by the teacher. The evaluation aims to help the student to know areas of improvements that need to be addressed to prepare him/ her for the next level. Also to know areas of strength he or she has. The teacher uses a proficiency rubric to show student and parent progress.
What happens if my student needs extra help?
Students can reach me via email. Also, if they need to meet with me live during the week we will set up a time to meet virtually. I also have office hours are Thursdays 5:00-6:00 pm EST
What kind of technology my student needs to participate in your course?
Computer or device that your student can access the online platform. Earbuds with a microphone, A device with a camera. Google account to access Google drive to organize their quarterly work, we use Google docs and Google presentations. Most students use a phone to complete weekly speaking assignments. Howerver, a computer will work too.
Can I pay the full tuition via PayPal?
Yes, please email me at [email protected] for this option.

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Your Instructor

Sra. Morato
Sra. Morato

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Spanish certified Instructor Prek-12th grades. M.A.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and Online learning. Former Fairfax County Public teacher-Guatemalan native. Taught IB Spanish (international Baccalaureate program) and immersion classes for teaching 16 years. More than twenty years of classroom, tutoring experience. From primary years to advanced levels. Has helped hundreds of students learn Spanish better and to speak with confidence. Her students have gone to experience Spanish beyond the classroom. From traveling opportunities to studying Spanish at a college level.

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