Spanish 2 Beyond Foundation Course For Homeschoolers

Expand your Vocabulary, Learn other essential verb Tenses and Advance your Communication Skills

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Homeschool Parents! You do not need to be in the dark when comes to Spanish!

Your child should not have to learn a language alone!

37 weeks, 6 Modules, with live classses and 100% Teacher support on each lesson

Created by a Spanish Certified Teacher and Curriculum Designer

Enrollment is Currently Closed

This course will continue building upon the Spanish 1 foundation. Students will be introduced to new tenses such as past tense. Students will recycle Spanish 1 vocabulary and learn new vocabulary to create more complex ideas and create a higher level of proficiency. Students will continue to expand and learn to communicate in everyday situations, personal interactions and special events. In addition, students will explore the hispanic culture and make comparisons with the own culture.

Students will learn vocabulary and grammar necessary to communicate in various situations.

Students will study Spanish in a systematic and logical way: vocabulary → grammar → writing→ listening→ pronunciation and speaking.

Class Curriculum

  Week 7 Remediation and Cultural week
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  Week 24
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  4th Quarter - Module 5: Week 30- 33 Commands and more
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Frequently Ask Questions

1- Why this course needs prior approval from teacher?

This course is not self-paced and self-study. Most students in this course were with Sra. Morato last year. However, If your students did Spanish 1 last year please contact me to discuss specific details of last year's course work and also to see if this course is a good fit for your child. Email me

2- How much work and time my son or daughter has to put into the course weekly?

I recommend students block 5-6 hours every week. I provide students with a suggested daily, weekly calendar to pace the course. Students must be able to join me Tuesdays 1:30 PM EST for live Instruction classes. Because of the nature and intensity of Spanish 2 students would be require to do work on asynchronous lessons some Thursdays (not live class).

3- I am not sure if this course is for may son or daughter. Can I talk to Sra. Morato?

Yes! Write me at contact@homeschoolspanishcurriclum.com to set up an appointment to chat about your concern and your child's learning needs.

4- I want to know what my child is going to learn and understand how the course works.

Here is a link to the class syllabus. Click here

5- Does this course meets credit requirements for my middle and high school child?

Yes, the curriculum includes weekly assignments, self-graded assessments, and weekly participation opportunities. Also, I provide parents with a Spanish transcript and record forms to support credit requirements. Course meets ACTFL language standards.

5- Does my child need to join the secret Facebook feature of the group?

No, it is optional however Sra. Morato will be using Facebook live for extra support and student's engagement on Thursdays 2:00 pm Eastern time from September to May to answer weekly questions post from students, clarifications, motivation, community support and best of all opportunities to participate through weekly posts to promote speaking and writing. NOTE student can use parents accounts.

7- What happens if my child gets behind?

Because life happens, the course has built remediation weeks between modules. I call these weeks "breathing weeks" that can be used to review, catch up, move ahead or work an project. There is a culture section on that week but there is not major assignments. Also, you have access to the course for 12 months. Live lessons are going to be recorded.

8- Do I need to buy a textbook and a workbook?

No, the course is a complete curriculum. However, some parents have asked me for textbook reference and workbooks for extra practice. I recommend a textbook as a study tool because most students benefit from it, however, buy a used one! Under the first week "Orientation week" I added the ones I recommended but it is your call.

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Your Instructor

Sra. Morato
Sra. Morato

About Sra. Morato:

I am a certified Spanish instructor, language coach and online curriculum designer. I design Spanish Educational solutions for Spanish learners who want to learn Spanish better and speak the language. So they can gain the confidence they need to be confident enough to become bilingual.

M.A.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and Online learning, Former Fairfax County Public Teacher Spanish teacher, more than 20 years of classroom experience teaching all levels from primary years, Spanish one to advanced levels like IB Spanish to a diverse group of learners from primary ages, homeschoolers, secondary, college students to adult professionals.