Homeschool Program: Spanish 1 Foundation Independent Study Course

Master essential vocabulary, Fundamental Grammar Rules and key skills to Speak Spanish at the Beginner Level!

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Homeschool Parents!

Do you want to help your child learn Spanish? And you feel in the dark because YOU do not know the language and curriculum?

Give your Middle and High School child a solid education in Spanish

to gain language skills

and confidence in a proven online program

with Expert Support from a Certified Spanish Teacher

Do you feel overwhelmed when you try to figure out the curriculum requirements for your child to learn Spanish at home?

You may have already tried self-directed Spanish courses, only to find that you and your child get stuck along the way and nobody is there to help you progress.

I can help.

My story and answering to the need:

My name is Karim Morato. I have homeschooled three children, and as a homeschool parent I know the feeling of not wanting to hold back your children from learning subjects that you have limited knowledge about. For example, I am not a mathematically-minded person, and I haven’t studied math to an expert level. So as my children progressed in their education, I started buying self-directed mathematics courses with videos and textbooks for them to study. It all seemed to be going OK, until my children took some tests and I realized that their skills levels were surprisingly low considering all the hard work they’d put in!

You may not be fluent in Spanish and you maybe do not feel equipped or able to teach Spanish at the required level. In those cases, you may be looking for programs that can give you a level of support and are affordable and that you can trust to give your child the education he or she needs. This is why I created online Spanish courses to make Spanish language learning more accessible for homeschooled students. I am a certified Spanish instructor, native speaker, language coach and online curriculum designer. And my online Spanish education program will help you to homeschool your child so they can gain the confidence they need to become bilingual.

Introducing the Spanish 1 Foundation Course with Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

This is a foundation-level Spanish course for homeschooled students who are middle, junior high or high school ages. The program teaches the language concepts and skills for beginners to start communicating in Spanish.

After almost 9 months your child will be confident learning and speaking Spanish at a beginner’s level and ready to progress to higher levels of language learning.

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How your child will benefit from this course:

  • Open up new opportunities for your child’s future career and lifestyle.
  • Understand how the parts of Spanish work and how to put the language together.
  • Build confidence in small, manageable steps to master the basics.
  • Develop real-world conversational Spanish skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Gain understanding of the Hispanic culture

What you get:

  • No need to worry about curriculum, assessment or teaching.
  • Meets the language requirements for a high school diploma.
  • Flexible, independent study course fits easily into your schedule
  • Support from a fully certified and experienced, native-speaking Spanish language teacher.
  • Curated content to deliver the full curriculum without the overwhelm.
  • Strategic learning workshops to help students develop their vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.

Spanish 1 Foundation Course: What’s Inside

Six Modules spread over 38 weeks

Complete curriculum: Vocabulary, grammar video lessons, guided practices, tests, and cultural lessons and conversational tips and authentic prompts. In addition, suggested reading books list and authentic reading resources to improve fluency.

Module 1: Greetings, the calendar and weather

Learning outcomes: Students use Spanish to greet and say goodbye, describe the weather, and state the day of the week and date.

Module 2: School, people and colors

Learning outcomes: Students master fundamental grammar concepts such as gender and number of nouns and adjectives. They are able to talk about and describe common items from school. Also, they will be able to talk about their school's subjects and describe them using adjectives.

Module 3: Descriptions, activities and countries

Learning outcomes: Students build their descriptive abilities by speaking about after-school activities, countries and nationalities. They are able to conjugate the verbs ser ("to be") and gustar ("to like").

Module 4: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Learning outcomes: Students know how to discuss meals and foods. They are able to conjugate present tense regular verbs, and ask questions using when, where, who, what, why and how.

Module 5: Family and places

Learning outcomes: Students talk about their family, and places to go in their local community and for leisure. They are able to conjugate common irregular present tense verbs, including ir ("to go") and tener ("to have").

Module 6: Restaurant conversations

Learning outcomes: Students speak and understand Spanish phrases related to a restaurant experience. They can use the verb estar ("to be"), as well as the present progressive tense and stem changing verbs.

Bonus Module: Introduction to Past Tense Preterite


What my Spanish 1 students are saying!

“I scored 28/30! I feel like I am actually learning Spanish! Thank you Sra. Morato for being such a great teacher!”

“I like the grammar videos, they are short to the point and with examples”

What parents are saying!

“I have peace in mind that my child is learning Spanish with a experienced certified Spanish teacher and I am not holding her learning back.”

Liels, A Happy Mom

“I can use a my energy and time to teach the other children. Also, I am glad I do not need to remind them anymore about Spanish”

Amy, Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 Happy Mother

A Program that fits homeschoolers' lifestyle

After an extensive consultation with parents, I was able to define and develop the exact packages of teaching and support that homeschooling parents want for their teens. It delivers everything your child needs to learn foundation level Spanish successfully.

  • You can choose the course with live conversational classes or without.
  • Both options offer teaching from a highly experienced native-speaking teacher and curriculum designer with a Master’s degree in education.
  • Both options give students the chance to study independently at their own pace, time and place, providing just the right amount of structure, checkpoints, practices and assessments they need to see progress.

The Spanish 1 Foundation Course is available in two options:

Spanish 1 Foundation:
Online Independent Study Course

Spanish 1 Foundation:
Online Education Program
Conversational Classes
2018 Course Starts
August 28th- May 14th

  • 12 months access to the course
  • Pre- recorded learning workshops to boost and accelerate learning.
  • Access to our Homeschool Students Spanish Club to discuss Spanish topics with other students, explore more the culture and volunteer tutoring hours opportunities.
  • Suggested reading books list and resources.


  • Periodic checkpoints throughout the course with weekly emails.

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  • 12 months access to the course.
  • Pre- recorded learning workshops to boost and accelerate learning.
  • Access to our Homeschool Students Spanish Club to discuss Spanish topics with other students and explore more about the culture and volunteer tutoring hours opportunities.
  • Suggested reading books list and resources.


  • Weekly conversational classes using online video-conference software. Tuesdays 1:00 PM EST
  • Live support at the end of each lesson and module.
  • Quarterly live Intensive Learning Workshops.

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Do you have questions about my Spanish 1 Foundation Course? Look here for the answers.

Question #1:

How will the program help us stay on track? In the past we had a hard time sticking to a program and schedule. It’s too easy to fall behind and let things slide.

1- This program gives the student a roadmap to success with a level of flexibility and a degree of accountability. Students can access the course, the lessons, tools, and activities any time, any place.

2- Parents and students are able to record their progress and assessment results for each module and quarter. Students are able to build their grade as they move forward throughout the course. This makes grading easy to track and also to fulfill foreign language requirements.

Question #2:

What if my child gets frustrated after a few failures and tends to give up trying?

You may want to consider buying the course with the conversational classes. Speaking Spanish every week is proven to provide motivation and a meaningful experience.

Question #3:

If I buy ONLY the independent course without the conversational classes, can my child still learn the foundation of how to communicate in Spanish?

Yes! Every grammar lesson shows how to apply the concept. Also, there are video-conversations that students can watch and learn how to apply the language on their own or with another student.

Question #4:

If I buy the course with the conversational classes, what if my child is too shy, socially nervous to participate in the conversational classes?

1- You can choose the independent study course without the speaking classes.

2- In the past, some students started only observing or choose to participate only using the chat feature. Students are not seen on camera because only the audio feature is used during class.

3- The learning environment of each conversational class is that our classes are a safe place to make mistakes, be encouraged and learn from each other.

Question #5:

What kind of live support does the Spanish 1 course with conversational classes offer?

After each lesson and module the student can use the “comment” feature of the course to ask questions or receive feedback. In addition, weekly live classes to ask questions.

Question #6:

What kind of checkpoints does the independent Spanish 1 course offer?

Weekly emails are sent to the student to remind them and help them stay focused and engaged through the course. In addition, students will receive study tips and strategies on how to overcome learning challenges.

Question #7:

How does the Facebook Spanish Club work?

The club is a student focus club. The club gives outstanding and passionate Spanish learners the opportunity take leadership roles to support other Spanish learners by clarifying homework questions, grammar rules, etc. The club is overseen and administered by Spanish Certified Teachers, one of them Sra. Morato, however, students can apply for leadership positions such as club president, vice-president, and student-tutor to built up college resume or volunteer hours. This feature is optional.

Question #8:

Can I watch a sample of your grammar teaching videos?

If you’re tired of wrestling with curriculum…

If you don’t have the time or the specialist knowledge to teach your child a
new language from scratch…

If you want to prepare your child for a bright, ambitious future by
giving them high-quality education that includes a modern language…

Now is the time to to shift from frustration to action, so you can
escape from overwhelm and get back in control of your child’s
Spanish learning journey without stress!

If you want your child to learn foundation level Spanish in a fun way… don't wait any longer to enroll.

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How to join

Step 1- Click the button below, which will take you to a page to fill out your name and email address and choose a new password for your child's access to the program.

Step 2- You’ll move on to fill out your credit card details or Paypal information.

Step 3- After you enter your payment details, you’ll receive a confirmation and welcome email from me explaining first steps for your child to take in preparation for the program , which begins with an orientation week.

Find peace of mind knowing that your child is progressing towards mastery one step at a time, with guidance and support from a certified Spanish teaching specialist.

Choose the option that fits your homeschooling style and learning goals, and enroll your child today!

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For more Information about my 2018-2019

Online Spanish 2 Course and Spanish 3 Immersion Course visit my website https://homeschoolspanishcurriculum.com/