Unlike other resources that leave you the teaching and the organizing to create a learning plan

This is different because this is a done-for-you curriculum, a complete solution that reinforces speaking and practice with fun resources your kids will enjoy using so you can educate confident bilingual children.

Bring the Spanish teacher and expert to your home!

Do not wait until they are teens to start the language acquisition process!

Today, more than ever, parents are busy juggling family, work, and life and do not have time and energy to:

  • Create a plan that gives your child the best results
  • Put lessons together
  • Find the resources you need or pay a private tutor or class
  • Provide a meaningful bilingual education by exposing children to native-speaker teachers
  • Consistently follow a methodology

As a homeschool parent, you’ve got lots of things to do and little time to add one more subject to your kid's schedule but you KNOW learning a second language is not a subject but a very needed life skill.

You’ve probably tried other programs or apps, only to find you spend more time trying to get your child excited about learning Spanish and not finding a proven methodology for language acquisition.

You’re not alone!

Many homeschooling families have been right where you are.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way!

You can give your family an authentic home learning experience and get them excited about learning and speaking Spanish.

How does the program work, and what's inside? Watch this short video.

Our mission is to support homeschooling parents, educate bilingual families, and help learners fall in love with the Hispanic culture.

As a passionate certified native Spanish teacher and language coach, curriculum designer, and homeschool mom, I created a program to make it easier for other families to enjoy learning Spanish and become bilingual families, too.

Hola, I am Sra. (Mrs.) Morato, for more than 16 years, I taught and coached hundreds of middle-high school students to speak Spanish through IB Spanish and immersion classes.

I saw the struggle many teens had to face learning how to speak during such a challenging season of their lives. I knew the solution to developing a bilingual mindset was to start language acquisition at an early age using complete sentences.

As I talked to parents through workshops, conferences, and my online platform, they shared their stories on studying Spanish for years but never got to speak and engage with the culture.

They ALL wanted a different learning experience for their children.

This is why I created the "Learn to Speak Spanish for Kids Program," a clear language methodology for language acquisition, so your child does not need to learn Spanish alone later in life but has the confidence to speak during the teen years.

Introducing the

A done-for-you elementary Spanish-speaking curriculum that focuses on speaking and culture, ready for your family to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Perfect for homeschooling families! Bring the top-notch teachers to your home!

This is a solution for the parent looking to consistently provide a bilingual-multicultural education for their family, using a child-centered immersion-style program.

Created by an experienced Spanish instructor and coach and a native speaker with a master’s degree in curriculum and online learning, and YES, a SUPER busy homeschool mom too.

All the planning, speaking lessons, materials, and tools are done for you so your family can focus on speaking and falling in love with the language.

Check out the topics your children will learn to speak about it, and the ones being developed! Click here

You will learn how to speak Spanish confidently at your own pace and enjoy experiencing the Hispanic culture together as a bilingual family!

  • Discover the joy of learning to speak another language in the comfort of your own home.
  • Learn to speak in full sentences without having to learn grammar rules.
  • Develop independent learning habits with a professional curriculum and certified teacher.
  • Grow and develop a bilingual and growth mindset to be able to think and express ideas in another language.
  • Cultivate confidence in speaking Spanish and enjoy the Hispanic culture together in conversation, books, activities, movies, and more. Do not wait until the teen years!

Learn to Speak Spanish for Kids Program

A done-for-you elementary speaking curriculum ready for you to implement in your own homeschool so your kids can learn to speak Spanish confidently at their own pace.

We help you create a bilingual environment at home.

There’s no need to spend extra time and money finding additional lesson resources for practice, everything you need for hands-on learning and practice is included.

The program develops speaking confidence and fluency in five stages.

Stage One: Discovering

You're feeling excited about the new language!

You're eager to embrace the new language! Carve out a dedicated schedule for Spanish, focusing on confidence and developing a bilingual mindset. Dive into the parrot season! Listening and speaking. Explore the learning tools and adjust what is not working.

Stage Two: Repeating

You're feeling comfortable speaking and repeating!

You're gaining confidence in speaking and repetition! You have an established routine, your children are comfortably listening and echoing back. Now, let's introduce them to geography and culture.

Stage Three: Describing

The family starts to establish a bilingual environment!

Your family is cultivating a bilingual mindset! Children are becoming independent, confidently repeating, and starting to describe topics. Their curiosity about the culture is growing.

Stage Four: Interacting

A bilingual mindset is established!

Solid routines are in place. Your child confidently describes and interacts, with a growing bond with the Hispanic culture.

Stage Five: Explaining

The “I am bilingual” and “I speak Spanish” mindset is established!

Spanish has woven into your family's lifestyle. Proficient in description and explanation, the Spanish language and culture now feel familiar, not foreign.

An example of what your child will be able to accomplish through this curriculum:

After just four weeks of learning and speaking your child will be able to use a family picture, and identify each family member, introduce them, describe them, and greet them.
All the planning has been done for you: speaking, geography, cultural lessons, reading phonetics and read aloud videos. Plus all the materials to reinforce learning and practice.

I help you set your family up for success with a step by step Parent Handbook and an easy to use Learning Hub.
There’s no need to spend extra time and money, I’ve done all the planning and teaching for you. No lock in contracts, cancel anytime.

What parents are saying about the

Learn to Speak Spanish for Kids Program!

“Sra. Morato teaches them how to speak…”

Check out the product and curriculum review from

Meet an amazing kindergartener

“We don’t go through the program on any kind of schedule. We don’t stick to the weekly assignments. We might take a long time just to get through one module. But we do EVERYTHING in the module . . . all the worksheets, all the computer exercises, etc. After one year, we are only at 31% completion. But it works so well! Tate not only remembers everything he learns, but he has also learned so much basic grammar (like whether to change a color ending to -o or -a based on the gender of the noun).

He doesn’t really even know the genders of all the words, but he can guess based on whether it ends in -o or -a. He also knows when to add an -s for plurals. He is getting pretty good at spelling Spanish words too. It’s all so intuitive for him. He doesn’t even struggle to learn! I wish the girls could have started out in a program like this. It’s the next best thing to having a native speaker in our house. He loves the videos with Elizabeth in them so he can see an actual child speaking Spanish. Really, this is a masterpiece of Spanish education! I hope you are so proud of it.”

Anne, Homeschool mother

“My daughter does Spanish lessons daily. We are watching cartoons once a week, we play games and have fun! My daughter continues to tell people that Spanish is her favorite Spanish! Thanks to you for the enthusiastic introduction to Spanish.”

A Happy Mother, from Virginia

“It is a relief for me to have an expert and experienced Spanish instructor and native speaker teaching my girls. I could not teach my children to speak Spanish, but they are learning quickly because of this program! They are now able to speak in full sentences and can hold simple conversations! I am SO impressed by the Spanish Elementary Program. If you want your kids to build their vocabulary quickly and to be able to speak and communicate in Spanish, this course will help them achieve those goals!”

Liesl, from The Homeschool Den

Take advantage of those fearless early years and start now!

I have been teaching and coaching Spanish learners for the last 20 years. During that time I discovered a fear-mindset is the number ONE reason learners are afraid to speak Spanish.

As a parent, you do not want to miss the chance to start early and take advantage of those fearless early years.

During the primary years your child can:

  • learn at their own pace
  • focus on listening input and speaking, skills essential for language acquisition
  • learn full sentences without having to learn grammar rules
  • develop and grow a bilingual mindset

There’s no need to spend extra time and money, I’ve done all the planning and teaching for you. No lock in contracts, cancel anytime.

The Learn to Speak Spanish for Kids Program with qualified teacher support is only open for enrollment twice a year so secure your place today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tuition include all my children?

Yes, the monthly or yearly tuition includes access to the entire program for each one of your family members.

Do you meet with students one-on-one to practice Spanish?

I wish I could! But it will be impossible for me to do it. However, my team and I are here to support your bilingual journey.

Do I have to join the email club?

No. However, it is recommended; it is an excellent way to stay connected and motivated. We aim for families to appreciate the Hispanic culture and help them understand why they want to speak Spanish.

What do I need to start your program?
  • A computer, internet, and basic school supplies.
  • A committed bilingual mindset.
How much time does our family need to invest in learning?

15-30 min. Depending on your family's learning schedule dynamics and situation

As a parent, you determine the routine, short times, and being consistent is best.

How long it takes to learn one topic?

About four weeks for each topic. Depending on the child's age and readiness, some families take up to 6 weeks. We encourage parents to focus on mastering.

Do you teach grammar?

Students learn to use correct grammar using complete sentences in each lesson. We introduce easy concepts and repeat them throughout the topics.

Can I access all the topics at once?

You can access Topics 1 to 8. However, each topic is built upon the other. Skipping topics is not recommended.

How are payments charged?

When you enroll, you will be asked to complete the payment information. You will be charged monthly or yearly. This is a subscription, you can cancel anytime.

Once you create an account, you will have a student profile and be able to manage your account directly. You can change the payment information and cancel at any time.

How do I know if my family is ready for your program?

If you want your children to learn to speak Spanish you are ready. It is all about mindset. Be willing to establish a routine, work, and oversee the routine for a few weeks until your children know what to do and they make it part of the weekly routine.

Can I use this program with my middle and high school students?

Yes, As a homeschool parent, you could. The curriculum is tailored to younger students. Your teen can be part of the program. However, take a look at my upper-level grades courses (7th-12th). The upper-grade courses fulfill high-school diploma requirements.

There are two options: with live speaking classes OR self-paced with teacher support.


Does the program work for non-homeschool parents?

Yes. Parents can use the program to enrich their children’s education. Some parents are enhancing their children’s Spanish immersion experience with this program.

Also, if you have a tutor, your children can practice speaking skills with the tutor.

Don’t miss this opportunity to teach your children Spanish the better way!

Time is of the essence.

Here’s why ….

Your elementary-age child is ready to learn Spanish now. Filled with a can-do spirit and limitless potential, your student has what it takes to become fluent in Spanish during these amazing “fearless” years. There is no time like now to start introducing Spanish and a love for the Hispanic culture into your homeschool or family.

It’s time to set your child up now for a bilingual life. Just imagine the possibilities that await

Virginia K12 Learning Acceleration Grants

I am an approved vendor for Virginia grant recipients. You will find me under the following name: Spanish Educational Solutions K-12. Email me at [email protected] for more information.