Hey homeschooling parent,

It’s no secret that you’ve got lots of things to do and little time to do it

including no time to spend hours searching online for random resources that don’t have a proven plan for success.

Yet you know that you want your teen to be fluent in Spanish.

You want your teen to have a well-rounded education, to learn things that will help them grow into responsible, resourceful, helpful members of society.

Becoming bilingual is a part of your goal for them. 

But teaching your child to speak another language – especially during the teen years – can feel daunting especially if you're not a qualified teacher or confident in speaking the language.

  • How do I find the right curriculum? 
  • How do I find the right resources?
  • How do I teach when I don’t know Spanish myself?

Maybe you’ve tried other programs or apps in the past, only to find you spend more time trying to get your child excited about learning Spanish or organizing lessons and resources that you had no time or energy left to enjoy homeschooling with your teen.

Maybe you’re this close to giving up on finding anything right for your family. 

You’re not alone, and the good news is that you don’t have to struggle with Spanish any longer.

Only 25 spots

Note to Parent: PLEASE, when registering “click the box” Yes, Spanish Educational solutions can email me information and news; this will add you to the “email class list” if you choose not to enroll, you will miss a lot of important information our team sent throughout the school year. It is our primary way to communicate.


Unlike other resources that leave you doing the organizing to create a learning plan ...

Spanish 1 is different!

This is a done-for-you, comprehensive Spanish solution that reinforces the learning, teaches mastery of pronunciation, and helps your student conquer beginning conversations, even if you as the parent have never spoken a word of Spanish.

Introducing the

Foundational Spanish 1 Course

for Your Homeschooled Teen

A done-for-you Spanish course that focuses on speaking and culture for students 8th - 12th grade with weekly, live speaking classes.

Mondays 11:00am - 12:00pm

** Live classes start September Monday 11th, 2023**
Virtual work starts September 5th 2023

Perfect for homeschooling families looking to fulfill foreign language requirements.

What's inside the done-for-you

Spanish 1 course

that fulfills your student’s foreign language requirements!

Spanish 1 Foundation Path

Six Modules Spread Over 33 Weeks (two semesters)
Intended for grades 8th - 12th

Module 1

Greetings, Calendar and Weather

Learning outcomes: Students will use Spanish to greet and say goodbye, describe the weather, tell the day of the week and date. Introduction to short conversations.

Module 2

School, People, and Basics

Learning outcomes: Students will master fundamental grammar concepts such as gender and number of nouns and adjectives. They will be able to talk and describe common school supplies. They will be able to talk about their school's subjects and describe them using adjectives.

Module 3

School Activities, Describing People and Nationalities

Learning outcomes: Students will learn how to speak about activities and abilities. They will learn about Hispanic countries and nationalities. They will be able to conjugate the verbs ser ("to be") and gustar ("to like").

Module 4

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Learning outcomes: Students will know how to discuss meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will be able to conjugate present tense regular verbs, and ask questions using when, where, who, what, why and how to navigate the restaurant experience.

Module 5

Family and Places to Go

Learning outcomes: Students will talk about their family and about places to go in their local community for leisure time. They are able to conjugate common irregular present tense verbs, such as ir ("to go") and tener ("to have") and more.

Module 6

Restaurant Experience

Learning outcomes: Students will speak and understand Spanish phrases related to a restaurant experience. They will learn how to navigate a restaurant experience and to use the verb estar ("to be"), as well as the present progressive tense and stem changing verbs.


Monthly Interactive Cultural Lessons. Kahoot games for content review.

ALL the components needed to learn effective Spanish communication:

Vocabulary, pronunciation videos, learning tools, grammar video lessons, guided practices, tests, cultural lessons all connected to help your teen to start and finish strong and ready to move to the next level, Spanish 2.


Hola, my name is Karim Morato,

a certified Spanish instructor, a native Spanish speaker and an MA Ed in online learning and curriculum instruction. 

As a homeschool parent myself, I know the feeling of not wanting to hold back your children from learning subjects that you have limited knowledge about. It was that way for me with mathematics, so I invested in outside resources, teachers, and programs to support my children as they learned higher level math. 

You may not be fluent in Spanish, or you may not feel equipped or able to teach Spanish at the required level and that’s okay. In those cases, you may be looking for a course that can give you a level of support, is affordable and that you can trust to give your child the education he or she needs

This is why I created this Spanish 1 Foundation course for your teens – make Spanish language learning more accessible for homeschooled students and to support YOU the parent.

My online Spanish 1 course will help you to homeschool your child so they can gain the confidence they need to speak Spanish and become bilingual.

Our mission is to support homeschooling parents, educate bilingual families, and help learners fall in love with the Hispanic culture.

How it works

Weekly Assignments
  • Step by step instructions
  • Access to content 24/7

Vocabulary Learning

Students learn and master vocabulary using: 

  • Video pronunciation
  • Interactive Flashcards
  • Plus other strategies
Grammar Application

Students learn and apply grammar concepts through: 

  • Step by step Video teachings
  • Guided Practices
  • Simple basic Writing, listening, and Readings


Students test their knowledge: 

  • Multiple choice tests per module
  • Built Grading System to track progress, plus teacher quarterly report 
Weekly office hours and homework hub time for extra help via Zoom. Mondays 6:00 pm EST September 11th - May 20th.

** Live classes start September 11th 2023 **

Weekly Live Speaking Classes
Mondays 11:00am - 12:00 pm
  • Interactive speaking practices
  • Small group speaking guided practices
  • Listening and basic writing practices
  • Cultural exploration

Your teen will learn how to speak Spanish confidently with support, and you will have the peace of mind that your student is getting the best Spanish education without you feeling like you’re failing as a teacher.

Your student will:

  •  Discover the joy of learning to speak another language in the comfort of their own home.
  •  Learn to speak in full sentences
  •  Develop independent learning habits with a professional curriculum and certified teacher.
  •  Grow and develop a bilingual and growth mindset to be able to think and express ideas in another language.
  •  Cultivate confidence in speaking Spanish and enjoy the Hispanic culture together in conversation, books, activities, movies and more.
  • Complete 1 credit of the foreign language requirement.

We believe that there is no one way to become bilingual: no ONE teacher, textbook, worksheet, workbook, or app.

The key is lifelong learning to create a bilingual environment at home, and there’s no better way to foster a love of culture and foreign language than through the homeschool environment.

This curriculum supports parents with technology, online best practices, and teaching strategies so even if you never learned Spanish yourself, you’ll have the tools and resources to be equipped to guide your children through the experience together.

The curriculum includes

There’s no need to spend extra time and money finding additional lesson resources for practice – everything you need for hands-on learning and practice is included in this comprehensive program.


What parents and students are saying about the course

“Sra. Morato teaches them how to speak…”

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my student know before taking Spanish 1? 

It’s not necessary to have had any previous Spanish experience before taking Spanish 1 as a middle or high school student, though those who have taken Spanish classes in elementary school definitely have a leg up in learning the concepts and communication skills. For more information about the elementary speaking curriculum, contact us at [email protected]

How will the program help us stay on track?

This program gives the student a roadmap to success with a level of flexibility and a degree of accountability. Students can access the course, the lessons, tools, and activities at any time, any place. Students need to submit weekly assignments via Google Classroom. Teachers will grade work. Please note: Time management skills are necessary, OR the student needs to have the willingness to learn and develop those skills.

What if my child is too shy or socially nervous about participating in conversational classes?

In the past, some students started only observing or choosing to participate only using the chat feature. It is important to develop confidence as the class progresses. In addition, students will speak in small groups through breakrooms. The learning environment of each conversational class is that our classes are a safe place to make mistakes, be encouraged, and learn from each other.

How long do I have access for?

You have access to the course for the academic year in which you purchased. (18 months)

What kind of live support does the Spanish 1 course with conversational classes offer?

Weekly emails, office hours, and homework hub time every Monday via Zoom. 6:00 pm EST September May 20th.

How long do conversational classes last?

Conversation classes are one hour. All students are encouraged to participate and practice speaking regardless of their skill level. Every conversational class focuses on applying weekly learning.

If I buy ONLY the independent course without the conversational classes, can my child still learn the foundation of how to communicate in Spanish?

Yes! Every grammar lesson shows how to apply the concept. Every module aims to improve fluency. In addition, if your teen is not ready to submit weekly assignments, this could be a better option.

What other material does my student need for this course?

To support all activities in the course, students will need access to Google Drive to utilize Google documents. Parents may also choose to print materials if this is the best option for their child. Students are recommended to use the medium that best suits their learning style, including electronic documents or paper, and should have a notebook for lessons note-taking, a binder, a computer, and headphones with a microphone for live class participation.

Can 6th-7th graders take the course?

Learning a language online requires a certain level of readiness and maturity, as well as some level of study skills and the ability to work independently. Without these attributes, the learning experience can be challenging and unproductive for a live class. If the independent, self-paced Spanish 1 course seems like a better fit, we encourage you to explore it; it has more flexibility. Alternatively, for younger children, the elementary video-speaking curriculum is self-paced too. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your individual needs and explore which option is best for you [email protected]

How much time will my student have to put into the course weekly?

I recommend students block 4-5  hours every week.

Does this course meet credit requirements for a high school diploma?

Yes, the curriculum standards meet state requirements. Courses prepare students who want to pursue Spanish 2, 3, and beyond such as the college level. The teacher gives quarterly grades.

What kind of technology will my student need to participate in your course?

Any computer or device that they can use to access our online platform. Earbuds with a microphone, a device with a camera, a Google account to access Google Drive to organize their quarterly work (using Google Docs and Presentations), and a Google email account with the student's name, to enroll in Google Classroom and submit assignments.

Can students take the course if they struggle with learning challenges such as dyslexia or dysgraphia?

Yes. Previous students have done so. The curriculum can be adjusted to students' learning needs.

Can I do this course with my co-op?

Yes, this is highly recommended! If you or another homeschool parent would like to facilitate this course with a large group of students, please reach out for the details about the independent-self pace course and how to offer this course to your homeschool co-op students and teacher.

Finally, a comprehensive Spanish 1 program that fits the homeschooled, high school lifestyle.

This program delivers everything your child needs to learn foundation level Spanish successfully.

  • You can choose the course with live conversational classes or without.
  • Both options offer teaching from highly experienced native-speaking teachers.
  • Both options give students the chance to study independently at their own pace, time and place, providing just the right amount of structure, checkpoints, practices and assessments they need to see progress.

Instead of stressing about being able to teach your teen Spanish, you can take advantage of a program designed and created to serve homeschool families just like yours.

Help your student grow in their knowledge of Spanish and develop a bilingual mindset and a love for the Hispanic community.

It’s time to set your child up now for a bilingual life. Just imagine the possibilities that await.