Elementary Spanish Curriculum and Program for the whole family

For the whole family!

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Do you want your child to start learning Spanish at an early age?

Do you feel in the dark because YOU do not know the language and what curriculum to use?

Or, maybe you are too busy or lack the energy to put a Spanish curriculum together to teach your child!

Give your child a solid education in Spanish to gain language skills and confidence in a proven online program with Expert Support from a Certified Spanish Teacher

I can help.

Like you, I am a busy mom who many times struggled with keeping up my kid's Spanish skills. It takes energy and time to create a bilingual environment at home and also to put a Spanish curriculum together. This is why I created an online Spanish Elementary program to make Spanish language learning and speaking more accessible for parents who want their children to speak Spanish at an early age, so they can gain the confidence they need to become bilingual.

Inside the Program

My story and answering to the need:

My name is Karim Morato. I have homeschooled three children, and as a homeschool parent I know the feeling of not wanting to hold back your children from learning subjects that you have limited knowledge about. For example, I am not a mathematically-minded person, and I haven’t studied math to an expert level. So as my children progressed in their education, I started buying self-directed mathematics courses with videos and textbooks for them to study. It all seemed to be going OK, until my children took some tests and I realized that their skills levels were surprisingly low considering all the hard work they’d put in. You may not be fluent in Spanish and you maybe do not feel equipped or able to teach Spanish at the required level. In those cases you may be looking for programs that can give you a level of support and are affordable and that you can trust to give your child the education he or she needs. This is why I created this online program to make Spanish language learning more accessible for parents and students.

I am a certified Spanish instructors, native speaker and online curriculum designer. My online program will help you to homeschool your child so they can can the confidence they need to become bilingual.

Introducing Spanish for Primary Ages Program K-6th

Independent Curriculum

This program gives you the tools and material you and your children need to start learning Spanish in complete sentences using fun topics, interactive flashcards, and effective and engaging worksheet practices, video teachings and the use of media.

After each topic, your child will be confident learning Spanish about the topic in complete sentences! Through monthly topics, your child will keep building and expanding his or her Spanish skills and will be ready to progress to higher levels of language learning.

How your child will benefit from this program:

  • Open up new opportunities for your child’s future career and lifestyle.
  • Understand how the parts of Spanish work and how to put the language together.
  • Build confidence in small, manageable steps to master the basics.
  • Develop real-world conversational Spanish skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Consistent learning methodology for effective learning

What you get:

  • All inclusive affordable primary curriculum
  • Access to a certified- native speaker Spanish teacher
  • Save time by not having to drive to classes and research practice pages, songs, etc.
  • Stop frustration by trying to teach Spanish in your own
  • Peace of mind knowing that your child is learning Spanish and moving forward and becoming bilingual
  • Curriculum created by a curriculum designer and fully certified and experienced, Spanish language teacher
  • Give your child consistency so your child can develop the Spanish skills needed to speak the language.

What’s Inside

  • Step by step curriculum and topics
  • Topic checklist
  • Interactive flashcards per topic two options to help differentiate learning, simple and challenging set
  • Fun and effective worksheets to support learning and promote fluency while learning the topic
  • Topic short- engaging video Teachings taught by a certified, native speaker, experienced Spanish teacher
  • Media and curated resources to support the learning and help you create a bilingual environment at hom

First Year Program:

1- The Family: Who is my family? What is my family’s name? How is my family? How to greet my family

2- Basics: Colors, numbers, shapes, pets

3- My School: My school room, my school supplies, my school subjects, my school activities

4- Calendar: Days of the week, months, seasons and weather expressions

Currently working on:

5- My House: Rooms of the house, bedroom, living room and chores

6- All about Food: Sitting around the table, preparing breakfast, cooking lunch, dinner and clean up

7- Animals: Forest Animals, ocean animals, jungle animals and desert animals.

8- The farm: Farm animals, farm life, farm food and grocery store

9- Daily Routine: Morning, afternoon and evening

10- My Body: Parts of the body, Feeling sick, doctor's office

11- My Clothing: Fall, winter, spring and summer clothing

12- My activities: Winter, fall, summer and spring activities

Second Year Program coming next!

"Sra. Morato teaches them how to speak..."

It is a relief for me to have an expert and experience Spanish instructor and native speaker teaching my girls. I could not teach my children to speak Spanish because of this program they are learning so well and fast.

Liesl, A Happy mother.

"I tried teaching Spanish to my child but I could not do it alone, and I couldn't afford a private tutor for my 2 children."

A Happy Mother

A Program that focus on fluency

  • Complete curriculum to support you the parent and support your child’s learning
  • A flexible program to work at your own pace, time and place, providing just the right amount of structure

Spanish for Primary Ages Program is now available as independent Curriculum

  • Interactive flashcards per topic- Two options to help differentiate learning: simple set and Challenging set
  • Fun and effective worksheets- To support learning and promote fluency while learning the topic
  • Topic short- engaging video Teachings taught by a certified, native speaker, experienced Spanish teacher
  • In-depth study lessons by topic

Sample of topic video lesson

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Sra. Morato
Sra. Morato

I am a certified-native speaker Spanish instructor, curriculum designer. I create Spanish educational solutions for parents who want to educate bilingual children. I help students learn Spanish better so they can speak the language using full sentences.

M.A.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and Online learning, Former Fairfax County Public Teacher Spanish teacher, more than 20 years of classroom experience teaching all levels from primary years, Spanish one to advanced levels like IB Spanish to a diverse group of learners from primary ages, homeschoolers, secondary, college students to adult professionals.

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