Homeschool Program: Spanish 1 Foundation and Conversational Course

Master Pronunciation, Fundamental Grammar Rules and Essential Vocabulary needed to Speak Spanish at the Beginner Level!

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Enrollment Currently Closed

Enrollment Opens this Spring!

Do you wish to give your child a solid education in Spanish without having to become a Spanish Teacher yourself?

Do you want to find the right course or teacher for your child?

one that support you and help your homeschooler develop confidence as well as learning language skills?

Do you want your child to be able to communicate confidently in Spanish at a beginner's level, and to be familiar with the essentials of Spanish culture?

Program Features and Benefits

This is a foundation-level Spanish course for homeschooled students who are of middle school, junior high or high school age. The program teaches the language concepts and skills for beginners to start communicating in Spanish.

It will be completed over a timeframe of approximately 9 months, though some students choose to work faster and finish the course in a shorter time frame. Live, expert support is provided from September through May.

The live classes will take place using online video-conferencing software, so students can take part in each lesson via their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Each module provides weekly live conversation sessions, video recordings, cultural appreciation sessions, vocabulary and grammar lessons, practices and assessments to help students build their knowledge and progress to the next lesson with confidence.


  • Improve your child's understanding of Hispanic culture as well as the Spanish language
  • Build confidence in small, manageable steps until your child has mastered the basics
  • Develop real-world conversational Spanish skills that will last your child a lifetime
  • Open up new opportunities for your child's future career and lifestyle
  • Remove any need for parents to worry about curriculum, assessment or teaching


  • Meets the language requirements for a high school diploma
  • Fully certified and experienced, native-speaking Spanish language teacher
  • Flexible and self-directed, but includes regular live support from an expert
  • Course content is curated to deliver the full curriculum without overwhelm
  • Strategic learning sessions to help students develop their writing, reading, and grammar

What and How will my middle or high school homeschooler will succeed?

The program outline

Module 1: Greetings, the calendar and weather

Learning outcomes: Students use Spanish to greet and say goodbye, describe the weather, and state the day of the week and date.

Module 2: School, people and colors

Learning outcomes: Students master fundamental grammar concepts such as gender and number of nouns and adjectives. They are able to talk about and describe common items from school. Also, they will be able to talk about their school's subjects and describe them using adjectives. Plus a writing workshop related to this module.

Module 3: Descriptions, activities and countries

Learning outcomes: Students build their descriptive abilities by speaking about after-school activities, countries and nationalities. They are able to conjugate the verbs ser ("to be") and gustar ("to like"). Plus a writing workshop related to this module.

Module 4: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Learning outcomes: Students know how to discuss meals and foods. They are able to conjugate present tense regular verbs, and ask questions using when, where, who, what, why and how. Plus a writing workshop related to this module.

Module 5: Family and places

Learning outcomes: Students talk about their family, and places to go in their local community and for leisure. They are able to conjugate common irregular present tense verbs, including ir ("to go") and tener ("to have"). Plus a writing workshop related to this module.

Module 6: Restaurant conversations

Learning outcomes: Students speak and understand Spanish phrases related to a restaurant experience. They can use the verb estar ("to be"), as well as the present progressive tense and stem changing verbs. Plus a writing workshop related to this module.

Live conversational classes Tuesdays 12:00 PM EST

Study Hall Time Last Thursdays of each month 4:00 PM EST

What a Mother have to say...

Why this online Course works for her!

Your Instructor

Sra. Morato
Sra. Morato

About Sra. Morato:

I am a certified Spanish instructor, language coach and online curriculum designer. I design Spanish Educational solutions for Spanish learners who want to learn Spanish better and speak the language. So they can gain the confidence they need to be confident enough to become bilingual.

M.A.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and Online learning, Former Fairfax County Public Teacher Spanish teacher, more than 20 years of classroom experience teaching all levels from primary years, Spanish one to advanced levels like IB Spanish to a diverse group of learners from primary ages, homeschoolers, secondary, college students to adult professionals.

Enroll your child in the Homeschool Spanish Curriculum program and give yourself the freedom and peace of mind to let them learn without your continuous supervision!

Now is the time to shift from frustration to action, so that you can escape from the overwhelm and get back in control of your child's homeschooling plans without stress.

In working with me, your child will develop the confidence to explore the Spanish language and Hispanic culture, hold a conversation without any shyness or anxiety, and truly enjoy their new-found language skills.

Space is limited!

I am only accepting a maximum of 30 students in the live supported program for my Spanish 1 course. I'm limiting it 30 students because I want to make sure that each and every student can get the level of support he or she needs to succeed.

So, if you want your child to learn foundation level Spanish in a fun and supportive environment where mistakes are never punished, but carefully remedied... don't wait any longer to enroll.

Classes start August 27th 2018

Registrations Opens this Spring!

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Frequently Ask Questions

1- How much work and time my son or daughter has to put into the course weekly?

I recommend students block 4-6.5 hours every week. I provide students with a suggested daily, weekly calendar to pace the course. Remember most likely this is the first time your student is taking Spanish, so I recommend to finalize and determine the time after the first four weeks of the course.

2- My child is too shy, socially nervous, or easily embarrassed to participate in live classes.

The live online conversational classes are designed to accommodate the student’s personality and learning strengths and weakness. If your child prefers not to be seen on camera, he or she can choose to use only audio and chat features. These classes are a safe place to make mistakes, be encouraged, and learn from other students and the teacher

3- It's too hard to stick to a fixed schedule, but when scheduling is completely self-directed it's too easy to fall behind and let things slide

This program gives the student a roadmap to success, with flexibility plus a degree of accountability. Since the course is online students can access it at any time, while the regular live support sessions help keep them on track to complete the course.

4- I would like to see a sample of one of your grammar video teachings.

The following lesson is a sample of my grammar video teaching. Follow this link

5- Does this course meets credit requirements for my middle and high school child?

Yes, the curriculum includes weekly assignments, self-graded assessments, and weekly participation opportunities. Also, I provide parents with Spanish transcript and record forms to support credit requirements. Course meets ACTFL language standards.

6- My child gets frustrated after a few failures and tends to give up trying - how do I know that won't happen here?

Because they're rewarded with small wins all along the way. Starting from week one, students can track and pace their progress. After each module there is a remediation week where students reflect on their progress and access extra help if needed. I also offer quarterly remediation sessions for students who are struggling with specific aspects of their Spanish learning, to help them get back on track. In addition, there is monthly study hall for extra support, study time and questions.

7- Do I need to buy a textbook and a workbook?

No, the course is a complete curriculum. However, some parents have asked me for textbook reference and workbooks for extra practice. I recommend a textbook as a study tool because most students benefit from it, however, buy a used one! Inside the course I make textbook and workbook recommendations for the ones that needed.

8- If the course is self-paced and self-study why do you close course enrollment?

Because the course has 100% teacher support, it will be incredibly challenged to meet students learning needs by having open enrollment all the time. By closing the course at a specified date, it allows me to focus only on the group that joined during the fall enrollment.

9- Once I enrolled my student what happen next?

Once enroll you will have access to the course. In addition, in the next 24-48 hours from Monday-Friday you will also receive an email from Sra. Morato to set up a on-boarding meeting to meet her and chat with her about the course.

10- Are the videos teaching inside the course similar to the ones you had on Facebook live? No, my video teachings inside the course are very different from the ones on my Facebook page. My video lessons focus on the concept I am teaching; my video instructions have power points, special effects, pictures, etc, they are professionally done.

11- Why do you advice for students to start studying Spanish during middle school years?
In my opinion, Spanish is like math; the earlier the students start developing and practicing their Spanish skills the better is going to be their learning experience and the proficiency results. Also, I have noticed, during the high school year, students' schedule starts getting busier and studying a language becomes a challenge because of their full academic program and extracurricular activities.

12- I am not sure if this course is for may son or daughter. Can I talk to Sra. Morato?

Yes! Write me at to set up an appointment to chat about your concern and your child's learning needs.

13- Do you have a independent Study option? My teen is not ready to speak the language.

Yes, e-mail me at for more information about the independent Study only option.

Class Curriculum

  week 6 Remediation and Cultural week
Available in days
days after you enroll
  WRITING WORKSHOP: Reading and Writing for Proficiency
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 12 Remediation and Cultural week (end of 1st Quarter)
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 18 Remediation and Cultural week
Available in days
days after you enroll
  WRITING WORKSHOP: Beginners Writing for Proficiency
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 24 Remediation and Cultural week week (end of 2nd quarter
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 31 Remediation and Cultural week (end of 3rd Quarter)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 37 Final week (end of 4th Quarter and Final week)
Available in days
days after you enroll

Learning Spanish is a journey!

Go on inside the journey of my Spanish 1 Students. I will take you step by step and show you what and how they learn! Subscribe to know more!

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